Let us Make You an Offer

“You can’t take it with you!” Is an all too true phrase often heard around the time of deciding to make out a will. When our loved ones pass away their lifetimes of collected memories and treasures remain. Many are willed to family and friends who may or may not share the same taste or have the room for some of the willed items.

It is the thought that counts, and everyone appreciates being remembered and loved.

We don’t always have the right space for or the inclination to wear some of the gifts no matter how well intentioned. That leaves us looking for someone else who might just adore the item to sell them to.

Finding buyers these days, even though we are socially networked more than ever before, can be tough. Sale apps and sites can be flaky at best. Buyers message never to follow up, make dates to connect and end up being no shows. It can be a colossal waste of time.

This is part of the beauty of selling to a reputable pawnshop like First Pawn Jewelry and Loan.

The process is simple. You bring in the item or items you wish to sell, we take a look, let you know what the items are worth, and make you an offer right on the spot if we are interested. A simple sales agreement signature and you are out the door with cash in hand, successfully transmuting your inheritance into cash.

Some may be hesitant to sell what they consider a possible family heirloom. But let’s look at it logically… What good really does an item do someone if its just kept in a box in the closet for a lifetime? Jewelry was designed to wear. It was designed to enhance appearance and be shown. It’s a piece of art. Even nick knacks were designed to display. Allow them to go to an owner in a home who will value them as they were intended.

We have customers come in daily who find treasures unique to them and it makes them incredibly happy. So, bring us your treasures and you never know, you just might find some of your own before you head home!



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