You are ready for a new guitar. Maybe you are just learning and need a basic student guitar or maybe you are the lead guitarist in the newest hottest local band, either way – you are a savvy shopper and realize there is no reason to shell out top dollar and pay retail.

This begs the question – Where do I go to get top of the line instruments at rock bottom prices? Let’s take a look at the options.

Shop Online

Shopping for guitars online can be a hit or miss situation. eBay, Craigslist, and classified sites are all places you can find individual owners selling their unwanted instruments. Apps like Let’sGo, Offer Up, and even Facebook Marketplace are potential buying sites.

Online ads where the seller is local are you best bet. That way you can meet up in person to make the exchange of money and goods. Buying this way does take up time. Communication through these sites and apps isn’t always the best and sometimes you even get stood up. The picture may have hidden scratches, dings, or dents, or might not be the same at all in person. Then you are back to square one again.

Music Stores

Sometimes the big-name music stores such as Guitar Center or Sam Ash will have used guitars for sale. These are high quality. They’re very particular in what they’ll accept when selling your guitar or offering it up for trade. The downside is that they are usually overpriced when they turn around to resell because it is a retail location.


Pawn Shops

Pawnshops only buy and trade in quality items of value. If they have taken in a guitar or other instrument it is because they believe it will be easy to resell at a profit. They do not make offers on low end junky items.

One of the lovely benefits of this type of sale is that you have a selection right there in front of you. Pawnshops welcome the customers to sit down and play for as long as they like to evaluate the quality of the item. You are welcome to inspect for any damage or scratches, see how each guitar sounds, see how they feel playing them, and really choose the right one for the way you play.

We understand that it can be frustrating to have a guitar that goes out of tune all of the time, so make sure to check the tunability before you buy! Check the tuners, nut, neck, bridge, pickup selector, electronics and knobs. All of it being in good condition at purchase will save you money in the long run.

What makes Pawn Shops the Best Choice

Pawn shops employ no marketing gimmicks to try and upsell you to a more expensive purchase. Pawn shops are a relaxed friendly environment where you can get a great deal with no pressure and plenty of time to try out as many as you like before buying.

Pawnbrokers build relationships with their regular customers, so if you’re not under a time constraint, try visiting multiple pawn shops regularly and even ask the shop owner to give you a call if they have any good guitar finds! If you’re lucky you could even build enough rapport with your local shop owners to ask for a discount at check out!


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