What Determines Pawn Shop Pricing?

We are asked this so often we thought we should share the answer here.

There are several factors that can affect the price we offer for a purchase as well as what we turn around and believe we can sell an item for in our showrooms. These factors encompass appraisal value, online database pricing, market value according to the value database, original retail pricing, the condition of the item and the amount of that type of item already in stock.

Appraisal – How they land on that number

An appraisal is what determines your offer. An appraisal is where someone will take your item and compare it to other items like it and what they are currently going for. It is based on the condition, rarity, current need for, and on the value of the item itself in an open market.

What is the Value Database?

Pre internet era pawnbrokers relied on published columns of “blue books” which would provide a baseline number for the value of most any item. In modern day online databases have been created such as “Orion Blue Book”. These are be updated regularly in our ever changing economy and the ease of information access via the internet giving pawnbrokers accurate real time results to help determine pricing on everything from jewelry to power tools.

Consulting with Specialists

When we have a rare or possibly very valuable or collectible item that our instore staff just doesn’t have enough information on, we bring in a specialist in that field. This can often be the case when considering a historic item or antique.

Sentimental Value

Sentimental value and actual value are not the same. Pawnshops do not factor in sentimental value because the seller has a unique attachment that is not transferable to a new owner. It may help if you are pawning rather than selling. Reason being that if you are attached to an item, you are more likely to pay off the loan to come reclaim it. A higher valuation may be issued for this reason.

Building a relationship with your local pawnshop can help you get better deals as well. A pawn shop owner is more likely to give better loan prices to people who work with them often or have built a good reputation and personal standing. This is because pawn shops are small businesses, and the owners can work under their own discretion.

Ready to Pawn or Sell Today?

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