Coins, Coins, Coins!

Collecting coins tends to be more of an adult hobby unless it is somehow instilled and introduced during childhood. One tradition that is often passed down is within families who make gold and silver coins a part of yearly birthday celebrations.

Giving coins as gifts that can accrue value over time has long been customary in many countries and cultures. We also wanted to give you some creative ideas to make a birthday party fun and start your kids on the path to an exciting and potentially lucrative collection that could benefit them now and in the future.

The Birthday Coin Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have been a party favorite for many generations. A traditional hunt includes slips of paper with clues for the next location. At the end of the hunt is always a “treasure”. When playing with coins this becomes a reality. You chose the level, gold, silver, collectible, rare… whatever it is imagine the excitement at finding real actual treasure.

The hunt may also be played with many coins to find along the way with the best and shiniest at the end.

Birth Year Coins

Every year coins all around the globe are minted. In planning out gifts, giving someone a unique and interesting coin from the year you are born can be a very novel conversation starting gift. You can add another edge to it by doing it with coins that add up to their new birthday age. Say your giftee is turning 15. Find a valuable dime and a nickel from that birth year!

Coins as Cake Toppers

Especially since there is now edible gold and silver flake sprinkles you can add gold and silver sterilized coins to the cake as decorations. This gives a birthday cake an elegant regal look and is always a showstopper.

For kids parties – say you have a superhero themed cake, you can find Batman and a Superman collectible coins and pair them with matching figurines.  You can get creative with these ideas.

Cake topping is a fantastic way to highlight the gift coins.

Where to shop for coins?
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