Having trouble finding what you need?

If you have tried to order anything online or go into a retail store lately you may have noticed out-of-stock signs on everything from bread to stereos. Delays and unavailability are likely to increase here shortly.

If you have been doing any alternative news or online browsing you may have seen the Canadian Trucker Convoy happening in Ottawa, Canada. It is estimated that 100,000 trucks are now signed in to join the convoy. This is taking place to demonstrate and protest peacefully against the Canadian government’s overreach in health care mandates regarding the vaccine, lockdowns, masks, and threats of job loss for refusal of the vaccine. This is not an anti-vaccination demonstration. Many of the drivers are vaccinated.

They are standing up for Canada, but the entire world is cheering them on as this will hopefully have a ripple effect. This protest is going to have large-scale effects on goods and services for an unknown amount of time, so it is not without sacrifice on all our parts, but we have to ask ourselves, what is our freedom worth?

In the meantime! – First Pawn Just May Have What You Are Searching for!

While we cannot help with grocery store shortages, if you are looking for retail goods – Tools, sporting goods, firearms for home protection, ammo, jewelry, collectibles, gifts, designer bags, engagement rings, wedding bands, fishing poles, bicycles, and so much more, we just might have what you need in stock and on one of our showroom floors ready to go home with you on the spot.

On the flip side – You can be part of the solution – Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Help yourself while helping others. We all have a wealth of “stuff” in our homes. Things we don’t use and no longer need. Why leave money just sitting around? Bring in your valuable items and let the Pawnbrokers at First pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida take a look and make you an offer. You can walk out with cash in hand while you are also helping your community by adding to the supply chain we already have here in Southwest Florida.

We will get through these crazy times if we work together.

 www.firstpawn.com – Your source for in-stock hard to find goods!

Interested to know more or follow what’s going on? Check out Freedom Convoy 2022’s Facebook page (11) Freedom Convoy 2022 | Facebook


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