Are Your Collectibles Just Gathering Dust? – Trade Them in for Cold Hard Cash

Over the years and in the course of a lifetime the fact is that we all accumulate things. As humans we are gatherers. We covet, we admire, we often collect. This can lead to amazing collections of interesting and often beautiful and valuable things.

The economy right now is in a very deep slump. It is hitting many Americans right in their wallets. Food and gas prices keep on climbing yet it doesn’t seem like we are all magically getting raises to be able to keep pace. This can leave a gap between our income and our flow outgoing.

The beauty of having items you have collected over the years is that they are able to provide you with a financial cushion if need be. At any time, we invite you to stop by one of First Pawn Jewelry and Loan’s convenient Southwest Florida locations in Naples or Lehigh Acres to chat with one of our knowledgeable professional Pawn Brokers. If we are interested in making you an offer on your item or items, we will do so on the spot with room for negotiation. You may take out as much or as little as you need based on the item value. If you pawn, it’s a great idea to only take what you need so it is simple to pay back and regain ownership of your item. Should you choose to sell outright, we will of course give you top dollar.

While our accounts all ebb and flow from time to time it is wonderful to be able to look around your home and realize you are indeed wealthy. Your assets simply aren’t currently liquidated.

Along with the financial aspect – We genuinely love collecting fun interesting items for the shop. We thoroughly enjoy meeting the citizens of this area and forming lasting working relationships. We are very much community-oriented and believe we all succeed more cohesively together.

If you have collectibles, antiques, vintage items, jewelry, coins, precious metals, firearms, tools, musical instruments, sporting goods, games, computers, phones, iPad, tablets, or any other valuables OR if you are looking for something specific?

Come on in.

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