You can often get more money for an item you intend to sell rather than just pawn. The advantage of a pawn loan is that you retain ownership of the item based on a collateral loan. Once that loan is repaid, your item or items are then returned to you.

The decision to pawn or sell should be based on how you feel about letting go of the item at hand. If it’s something you can part with, try to get the best possible price for it when at the pawnshop. Look it up and do your own research before heading in. Knowing the market value for resale of the item or similar can help you bargain properly. Keep in mind that sentimental value, though important to you, does not factor into the monetary value of a piece nor will it add to the offer.

Pawnshops value items based on what the market will hold. They must believe that they can resell it and make a profit in order to make you an offer.

What do pawn shops buy?

You might be surprised. We buy pretty well anything of value that we believe we can resell. If you are questioning, give us a call or stop by. It never hurts to ask!

  • Firearms
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Coins
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Precious metals
  • Electronics
  • Computers / laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Sports equipment, including bikes
  • Tools and yard equipment
  • Musical instruments

And much more!

The reason you can get more for an item by selling it is that in a sale transaction we give you the best price. In a pawn transaction, you may opt to go for a lesser value loan simply to cover whatever the need is for that you are pawing in the first place.

Example. Say you are pawning an engagement ring. The reason you need money is that you had a gap in employment and your mortgage is late. If the ring would be worth $3000 to us to offer you as a sale, but your bill is only $1200, there is no reason to take a loan for the full $3000. That would just be more interest to pay back. You can take out a loan just for the $1200 to give yourself the time you need to get back on your feet. You can pay your housing bill, and more easily pay back the loan getting back your ring than you could if you did the pawn loan for the full value.

We work with all kinds of situations and our goal is to help you so that you become a repeat customer who thinks of us any time you are in need of a quick cash infusion.

Need a cash loan? Think of First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida.


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