Considering a garage sale? Read this first!

Getting rid of the clutter in your home can be a daunting task, especially when there’s so much to do. However, by selling your excess items, you can make a little money while helping someone use them. Garage sales and pawn shops are both great ways to get rid of your unwanted items. Before you decide which option to use, it’s important to thoroughly explore the pros and cons of each option.

Let’s Look at Each Option Separately

The Garage/Yard Sale

A garage sale is a common way to clear out the clutter from your home and garage. It’s also a great way to sell off household items that you no longer use. Having all of these items available for sale allows people to see and purchase them.


  • You pick the price and can negotiate yourself.

Unlike a pawn shop, you can set your own pricing for each item. You’re the deciding factor and can use that to your advantage when negotiating the price of a sale.

  • Items are viewed by a varied audience.

At a yard sale, there is a wide variety of people with varying interests and hobbies. This is generally a pro but could also be considered a con since you’re on a time limit and sitting there waiting for the right person to show up.


  • No security

It’s no secret that your front lawn doesn’t have the best security measures in place to prevent theft. Having multiple people looking through your items can be a real concern, especially if something gets stolen. Even if you have a good security system in place, it’s still possible to slip up.

  • Items may not sell at all

Another downside of garage sales vs. pawn shops is that you may not sell the items for which you set up the entire project. You may spend hours or whole days with no results in the end.

  • Using up valuable storage space

If you’re not able to get an excellent offer on a particular item, then it’s probably best to sell it. Doing so can take a couple of weeks or even months, and it can pile up the value of your garage space. Having an item brought into a pawn shop can help you get rid of it quickly.

  • Bad Weather

The weather can also impact garage sales. Let’s face it. This is Florida. The weather can change from hour to hour!


While pawn shops are commonly referred to as a way to get rid of an old iPhone or get cash for an outdated item, they’re actually much more than that. They’re also a great way to avoid debt and keep more money in your pocket.


  • Pawn transactions are quick and immediate.

You can get an offer on your item and sell it just about as quickly as you can get to your local pawn shop. Typically you can sell an item and walk away with cash in hand in under an hour.

  • Professional appraisals

Rather than guessing what an item’s worth, you can have a professional appraisal done at a pawn shop, ensuring you receive fair and accurate pricing and get the money you deserve. If you have an extraordinary item or family heirloom and you’re unaware, someone could take it off your hands for much less than it’s worth, which could be a major setback when selling at a garage sale.

  • You can trade unwanted items for wanted items.

At a pawn shop, you have the opportunity to make a trade if you see something that catches your eye. In doing so, you’re replacing a useless or unwanted item with something new that is a better fit for you personally, a win, win!


  • Things might sell for less what you would have ideally liked

There are still some cons to pawning, such as realizing that the item you’re selling is not worth as much as you expected. In cases like this, it’s better to sell it immediately instead of waiting for it to sell on the internet for a higher price.

  • You have to leave home.

Getting an appraisal at a pawnshop is considered a con if you’re not comfortable with the idea of leaving the comfort of your home. However, it’s also usually worth it in the end.

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