While everyone talks about investing in gold, silver often gets overlooked. Silver is more affordable and potentially easier to work with in trade should the dollar ever be devalued. When it comes to silver jewelry, which is also a good investment, many people prefer silver.

At, First Pawn Jewelry and Loan, a local pawn shop in Southwest Florida, we buy silver daily for both resale and pure silver and scrap by weight. Silver can be melted down to its pure original form and recast in jewelry, bars, and coins.

According to experts, demand for silver will double in 2023 as 90% of the metal has already been consumed. This is because the supply of silver is already at its lowest point in history. Despite the high price of gold, silver is still holding steady at around $24 an ounce.

Although it may not seem like a gold mine, silver is a great investment. At First Pawn in Naples and in nearby Lee County, we have a wide selection of silver jewelry and coins.

If you have old silver coins or jewelry that are just sitting in a drawer, we would love to take a look. We will then make an offer based on the condition and value of the item.

Like gold, silver is also timeless. It gains value over time and is easy to liquify. Silver can also be used in various other applications such as in medical equipment, water purification, and explosives.

If you are looking to sell or buy silver, call First Pawn Jewelry and Loan in Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida. We are here to help you find the perfect solution to your precious metal needs.

Visit our showrooms today to find spectacular bargains and treasures! www.firstpawn.com.




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