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As you may have noticed inflation is hitting every area of budgeting. From food to gas, to things we buy and need retail across the board it is all going up.

While we can’t help with the food or gas, we most certainly can when it comes to goods you need, pretty well across the board. When you buy from First Pawn, you get items that are in good working condition that have been tested and examined before ever being put into inventory. You often can find like new and even new items including hand tools, power tools, musical instruments, stage equipment, firearms, self-defense items, ammo, sporting goods, bicycles, fishing poles, jewelry, watches, designer items, designer bags, games, game consoles, movies, music, cell phones, computers, laptops, collectibles, and much more.

Keeping circulating money in the local American economy

By buying second hand you are actively helping to support other Americans. Both your neighbors who sell to us and our local business. The money you spend at big box stores goes to corporate offices which may or may not be U.S. based as well as supporting suppliers overseas including China.

Keeping Prices Low

We understand how tight household budgets are right now. Because of that, here at First Pawn, we are actively making sure we keep our prices as low as possible while still supporting our own business. We value you and want you to be able to return time and time again feeling good about your sales and purchases and knowing that we have your back should you need a non-credit check collateral-based loan. We can have you in and out the door in under an hour in most cases so bring us your unused unwanted valuables and you could leave feeling rich with extra money in your pocket and more space in your home.

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