If you need cash fast one of the best ways to get it is by hitting your local pawnshop. No credit check is needed, and we do not care what your FICO score is. The fact is, First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres are always happy to help.

If you have never visited a First Pawn, you might be pleasantly surprised at the wide range and quality of items in our stores. Those items come from people like you! We value our community. In the pawn industry not only are you our clientele, but you are also our suppliers. Without you, we couldn’t exist.

You might look around at the items in your possession and wonder if they might be of value. If you know they have value and are willing to part with them the next question becomes, what is the easiest way to get the most for your item or items. Pawn shops are among the simplest solutions.

The Top 6 Things Pawn Shops Are Always Looking For

#1 Jewelry

Selling your jewelry is a quick and easy way to get money at a pawnshop. If you have costume jewelry, including designer pieces, it will likely fetch you a small amount, but gold, silver, diamonds, and silver will always bring a good-sized market value sum.

When it comes to buying jewelry there is a lot to consider regarding metal content, stone quality, clarity, cut, certification, and design. Since the better the quality, the more it can be sold to someone who is looking for a good deal. If you’re getting a divorce and looking to part with your engagement or wedding bands, a quick trip to a pawn shop can be a great way to transfer that asset into cash.

If you have jewelry that you inherited that you don’t have much of a connection to, but it is high quality, pawn shops very likely would be happy to take it into stock for their showroom resale.

Not all jewelry is in great shape but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. If it’s not in great condition, or even if it’s broken. It can then be easily melted down and used to make new pieces, such as gold bars as well as used for the embedded gemstones. If settings are broken they may also be repaired or you can choose to use the stones in a newly created piece.

The bottom line is that gold, silver, platinum, and precious and semi-precious stone jewelry are always in fashion and always hold value.

#2 Designer Items

Designer pieces are sought after – new or used. This goes for watches, jewelry, and even designer bags and handbags. They hold their value, especially when in pristine condition. Many designers are considered timeless – Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and many others. Modern or vintage pawn shops know they will find a buyer and are always eager to add them to stock.

Even if your designer bag is in poor condition, it can still be sold for a good price. While it may be worth more if it has been well taken care of, a bag that has a few minor scratches can still be sold.

#3 Diamonds

Do you have stones that you aren’t positive are real diamonds? Bring them in! We can test them for you. Our expert buyers know diamonds and can make you a fair offer on the spot if you are willing to consider selling.

#4 Watches

Most luxury designer watches, especially those that are made of solid materials, are usually purchased by pawn shops. Similar to other types of jewelry, they can be bought for a pretty penny.

#5 Precious and semi-precious stones – Mounted or stand-alone

Pawn shops love precious and semi-precious stones. All that glitters catch the eye when placed in showcases. Jewelry is a great investment and one of the only things you can invest in and also decorate yourself with and wear on a daily basis or for special occasions.

#6 Musical Instruments

Instruments appeal to all age ranges from children just beginning to adults who play for fun or on a professional level. Pawn shops are an ideal place to decide to upgrade your old instrument for a newer higher-end model while still reaping the benefit of trading in your old model. Great prices and high-quality tested instruments from guitars to pianos and keyboards, flutes, clarinets, drum sets, and so much more.

Selling to a Pawnshop

There are many reasons why people would want to sell their items to a pawnshop. One of the most important factors that they should consider is that if you have any of the aforementioned items that you’re planning on getting rid of, then you’re likely to leave with cash in hand. It eliminates the hassle of selling online, meeting with potential buyers, and having your time wasted haggling if they even show up at all.

Not all pawn shops are created equal

If you are looking for a shop that is community-based with a stellar reputation that has been around for years and offers the best prices in the business – you need to visit First Pawn Jewelry and loan. www.firstpawn.com.


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