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Our sales reps will help you find that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one in a courteous and professional environment. Whatever you are looking for, chances are you will find it with us. While we can not begin to keep all of our inventory on this website (we just have too much) please check out our shop to see our featured products. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, give us a call and one of our sales reps will be more then happy to help you out.


We provide cash loans to our clients. Clients bring us items for collateral for a loan, we then assess the value and inform the client what we can loan them for their item. Loan contracts are written for a 60 day time period. Interest charges accrue every 30 days. If the client comes back to redeem their loan within 5 days of the original contract date, we give our clients HALF off of their interest charges. We are the only shop in town that does this.


We also buy items from clients. Value is assessed the same way as a loan. We offer the client what we feel is a fair and reasonable value and they make the choice to sell us the item or not. This is a great way for people to clear out the garage or closet of old items they may not use anymore. Examples of items we are always in need of are: gold and silver jewelry, high end watches, TVs, DVD or BluRay Players, all Game systems, iPods, iPhones, laptops, desktops, car audio systems, band instruments, guitars, knives, tools, generators, and even some cars, trucks & trailers.


We offer free layaway on all items in the store that are for sale. We require a small percentage of the sale price as a down payment and then the customer must make a payment on his/her layaway every month. Time frames on layaways vary depending on the item. Some merchandise can be put on layaway for up to one year. Start your Christmas Shopping Early and come pick out that perfect gift for your loved one.


At First Pawn we have staff that is very diverse and knowledgeable in various categories from firearms to jewelry to music equipment such as guitars, drums, trumpets, flutes, clarinets and more. We have a vast selection of not only previously owned items, but brand new as well!

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